Gateway sources the majority of its stock by purchasing full used machinery. These machines are then stripped down to be sold as individual parts.

Many parts are available as used items, making a very cost effective alternative to OEM suppliers. Having stripped a full machine, we stock many parts that OEMs just cannot – from every little pipe and panel to a full chassis or bucket attachment.

So often a machine can be kept down by the simplest of items that the OEMs do not stock in these circumstances we can help our customers get back operating, even if they plan to replace the item with a new one at a later date.

If a major component is removed from a running machine with low individual hours, Gateway offer our customers the opportunity to purchase this item ‘as is’. This is a cost effective method to supplying components that haven’t reached the end of their recommended life hours – or allowing our customers the ability to add a core to their own stock.

Gateway prides itself in its flexibility, so all parts are available for a pre-purchase inspection and we can offer a customised level of refurbishment if required – from a simple reseal to a full dyno test to ensure a component is fit for the purpose intended.

Please be assured when dealing with Gateway that we are only quoting our own parts and services (unless otherwise instructed by the customer). We are not a middle man working out of a shop front all stock is purchased, dismantled and rebuilt by Gateway in our company owned premises and workshops. This ensures that the highest standard of quality control is met, as all parts are fully inspected internally to ensure serviceable condition prior to all sales and dispatch.